12 aprilie 2015

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

 Rejuvenate! ’Tis spring.
Cruel winter’s lost its cling.
We wake across this earth
To welcome its rebirth.
Give praise and with a joyful voice sing.
  ’Tis time of spring. Rejoice!
Reverence with glad noise.
In flowered meadows meet
To dance with merry feet.
Bring lutes, flutes, drums and resonant voice.

Reflect. Again. . . ’tis spring.
Robin’s on the wing.
Lean upon a fruited tree.
Hear the drone of honeybee.
Breathe the bloom of lovely lilac sprig.


’Tis time. Reconcile.
Greet each creature with a smile.
As Christ for us bled tears
To banish our worst fears,
See everyone as God’s dear child.
’Tis season to re-grow.
Heed nature’s lead below.
Each gift you have to nourish
Must be shared to flourish.
Replenish bounties God did you bestow.
’Tis Spring by Andrea Dietrich

2 comentarii:

  1. Oaauu ! Foarte , foarte frumos ! Si ideea cu suportul gainusa , geniala ! Cu drag ,Gabi !

    1. Mulţumim frumos pentru aprecieri! Ideea găinuşei se găseşte în multe variante pe internet, ne bucurăm că vă place! Numai bine vă dorim şi o primăvară frumoasă!


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